National Granny Square Day

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August 15 is national granny square day.  This is the very first pattern I learned to crochet and I’ve used it in many, many oatterns.

In honour of granny square day I’m sharing some of my favourite items.  Here is my very first blanket.  I’ve improved a lot since then.

my first granny square afghan at


My favourite granny square purse.

And another.

blue granny square bag at

Granny square lapghans.

granny square lapghans at


Big granny squares.

stash granny afghan at

Small granny squares.

a granny square at

Have you got a favourite granny square to share for National granny square day?

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  1. Hi Linda…
    Guess you are the Granny Square Queen!!👑
    I am still working on my Campfire Cardigan…made out of 2 big Granny Squares…need to finish that darn thing!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week…
    Linda :o)

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