Granny Stripe Shawl

Categories: Crochet.

Now that gardening season is over I find myself doing more and more craft projects.  A project that I just finished up was the granny stripe shawl I made in January 2012.  I always had the intention of adding an edging to it and I finally added a fringe.  Here is how it looked.

I’m calling it a Granny shawl because it is made using half a granny square. It isn’t really an original pattern but bits I’ve borrowed from other patterns.  You can find directions for the half squares if you Google it.  I’m doing 2 rows in each colour.  The colours with the smallest amounts left over are being used first, as with each row it gets a bit bigger and requires more yarn.  I don’t want to change colour mid row, so I imagine it will get a bit trickier to find stash colours as the rows get bigger.

 It measures 34 inches or about 87 cm. from the center to the tip and 68, about 174 cm. inches from tip to tip.  To add the fringe I cut pieces of yarn from all the colours and added them in groups of 4 along the sides of the shawl.

I keep trying and trying to use up all those small balls of yarn but never seem to accomplish it.

And here is how it looks now.  And the best part is, if I decide I don’t like the fringe it is easy to remove as each section in attached with a half hitch knot.  I still haven’t totally decided if I like it with the fringe or without.


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