Granny Stripe Shawl

Now that gardening season is over I find myself doing more and more craft projects.  A project that I just finished up was the granny stripe shawl I made in January 2012.  I always had the intention of adding an edging to it and I finally added a fringe.  Here is how it looked.

I’m calling it a Granny shawl because it is made using half a granny square. It isn’t really an original pattern but bits I’ve borrowed from other patterns.  You can find directions for the half squares if you Google it.  I’m doing 2 rows in each colour.  The colours with the smallest amounts left over are being used first, as with each row it gets a bit bigger and requires more yarn.  I don’t want to change colour mid row, so I imagine it will get a bit trickier to find stash colours as the rows get bigger.

 It measures 34 inches or about 87 cm. from the center to the tip and 68, about 174 cm. inches from tip to tip.  To add the fringe I cut pieces of yarn from all the colours and added them in groups of 4 along the sides of the shawl.

I keep trying and trying to use up all those small balls of yarn but never seem to accomplish it.

And here is how it looks now.  And the best part is, if I decide I don’t like the fringe it is easy to remove as each section in attached with a half hitch knot.  I still haven’t totally decided if I like it with the fringe or without.

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16 Responses to Granny Stripe Shawl
  1. Valerie

    I love all your projects and I vote for the fringe. Lately I got a yen to crochet an baby blanket for our grandchild to be born in February. I have crotcheted in the past but I seem to have forgotten how at the moment. Going to have to relearn again. Valerie

    • Once you start to crochet again Val, it will all come back to you. A new baby blanket will be a wonderful gift for a new granddaughter.

  2. I like the fringe too. Very retro – reminds me of the things we wore in the 70’s (oops now I’m dating myself).
    Heather @ new house new home new life recently posted..The More the Merrier….My Profile

    • I think I’m liking the fringe too. Yes, anything with granny squares if retro. I love it.

  3. Morning Linda….I vote for the fringe…it gives it that finishing touch…
    I am nearly finished my afghan…have also altered the original idea..makes it more personal that way, eh?

    Enjoy your day…gonna start raining..and then get cold…brrr.
    You can probably use that afghan tonight!!

    Linda :o)

    • We went for a walk down by the bay and it was quite windy. Lots of clouds in the sky so we can tell the rain is moving in for this evening.
      Yes, the shawl will be cozy on these chilly evening. The more I see the fringe the more I like it.

  4. I like the fringe on it ! I have my mum’s green tartan shawl , it is long and reminds me of the women in pioneer days ! Your crafts are fantastic ! Have a good day !
    Elaine recently posted..It Was A Nice DayMy Profile

  5. I think it’s very pretty and I like the fringe on it! It will make a cozy wrap while you’re at the computer this winter. 🙂
    Pamela Gordon recently posted..reflectionMy Profile

    • I’m liking the fringe more and more. It’s getting colder again so I’ll be wearing it often.

  6. I love the colors, and the idea, you have created something very pretty.

    My Mom bought me a lovely machine knitted scarf that is the same shape, it’s a little lighter wool, but it’s so easy to just throw on, that I was thinking of trying to crochet one like it. I love the triangle shape, it drapes better then a rectangle.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams recently posted..How to package kitchen giftsMy Profile

  7. What a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn. It will be cozy and warm as winter continues to advance.
    Lorrie recently posted..Along the Songhees WalkwayMy Profile

  8. Janice Frye

    I love your site, the afghan is very pretty, I made a Grannie square kinda like that one time and then added to it as I went . I have been looking for the 6 point pvc wind twirly, my husband made one , lost his easy original pattern , we found a few patterns but no pictures of any, do you have a suggestion as to where we might find a picture of a pvc wind twirly such as this , when it is turning it looks like a star of david .
    thank you

    • I have one of those wind twirlers and just haven’t got around to posting them yet as I’m moving things over from a Blogger blog to here. Hopefully you will check back later (probably after Christmas).

  9. Eileen

    Lovely shawl, I wish I was creative, I can not knit at all. I do like the fringe. Have a great day!

  10. Oh it’s lovely Linda! I have to say I kinda like the fringe, even though it does look beautiful without it.
    Debbie 🙂
    PS: trying to catch up after my computer died and we had to replace it
    Debbie recently posted..Glue LettersMy Profile

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