Great Blue at the Pond

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At a busy intersection at the north end of town is Reid’s Dairy Plaza.  Reid’s Dairy is where milk and ice cream are made.  At the back of the plaza there is a pond and behind the pond is a parking lot and Home Depot.  So it is a very busy spot for traffic.  The dairy has a castle tower, a covered pavilion, and play structure, a little barn and bridge for the goats and a walk way around the pond.


The pond is a favourite place to wander around eating some ice cream or sipping a Loonie milkshake.   There are some summer resident goats there, a couple of bunnies, and usually turtles and ducks.  On a day that we stopped there we were lucky to see a great blue heron, a few turtles and a black crowned night heron (photos of this one coming later).


We first spotted the great blue heron by the old tree stump intently staring into the water looking for a snack.


He stayed by the stump for awhile till a family with young children came by and then he moved onto the island.


A close up on the long neck and intent look in its eyes.


It is spying down into the water just incase a fish should swim by.


There is a wooden platform that floats around the pond and usually there are turtles or ducks on in.  And if you notice in the background the dead tree drooping into the water you will see our other sighting of the green heron.  I’ll share more photos in a later post of close up photos of this heron.


We pass this spot every time we go into town or head home.   It is a place that we take for granted but it certainly paid to stop there that particular day as we got some amazing photos.  And it proves you don’t have to be right out in the country or by the bay to see some of Nature’s wonderful creatures.

Did you see the photos of the green heron at the pond?

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