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Each year in my kitchen garden I like to try to grow a different variety of vegetable.  This year I chose to try out green zebra tomatoes.  As well as going through a really hot and humid summer, my garden went through a lot of neglect this year.  I had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of July so basically the plants were left to grow on their own.  My husband did the watering, but I rarely got down the deck stairs to tend to the weeds or the thinning out or the snipping away of dead leaves etc.

But through all that the tomatoes and beans grew really well.  I only grew two types of veggies as they are the ones that can basically take care of themselves and still yield a good crop.  The beans did fantastic and hubby picked them through out the season and we enjoyed the taste of homegrown beans.

growing green zebra tomatoes at

The green zebra tomatoes did well and were in a container that I could see from the deck.  They weren’t an overly big tomato, not sure if it was because they were in a container, the excess heat or the lack of having those sucker shoots nipped out.

growing green zebra tomatoes at

The tomato was green with yellowish stripes or markings, hence its name.  The colour made it a bit difficult to decide if it was really for picking.  We felt them a lot to feel for softness and the darker stripes turned a lighter yellow when ready.  They sliced really well and were very tasty and juicy.

growing green zebra tomatoes at

As well as the green zebra tomatoes I grew yellow pear tomatoes and red tiny toms which gave us a great crop.

growing green zebra tomatoes at

This is a type of tomato I would certainly consider growing another year.  Have you grown any varieties of green tomatoes?

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I have also neglected the gardener side of my website this year as I just haven’t been able to get out and document the plants with my camera but there is still lots of good information from previous years.  But lots of crafting has been going on.

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    • I’m thrilled the surgery was such a success, knew it would be as I have complete faith in my surgeon. It was good to have a season off and just sit back and evaluate. Made lots of notes for changes and cutting back which will be implemented this fall and next spring.

  1. I’ve never grown a green tomato, but have used end of the summer green tomatoes to make salsa. My best producer this year was the Early Girl. I was so disappointed in my Romas. I had hoped to use them for sauce, but I just couldn’t get the fruit to set without blossom end rot. Even after adding soil amendments they didn’t bounce back. – Margy
    Margy recently posted..A Summer RetrospectiveMy Profile

    • These were really tasty Margie. We used to only grow red tomatoes, then branched out to yellow and orange and now a green one this year. I’ll be on the lookout for another variety to try next year.

    • We used to only eat red tomatoes, but have tried yellow and orange ones (both delicious) This was a lovely green tomato, I think the name is what attracted me to try them. Raining today, so a good inside day.

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