Hello Pep and Salty

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I’d like to introduce you to Pep and Salty … the shaker people, the latest addition to my snow folk.

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

They started out as a salt and pepper shakers purchased from the dollar store for $1.25.  I’m wondering how it is a dollar store when there are very few items for a dollar anymore.  One store sells everything for $1.25 and another sells things a random prices in multiples of a dollar.  Perhaps if you are as old as me you remember the 5 and dime stores … ooh that goes back quite a way doesn’t it?

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

I did have a couple of glass items in my stash that might of worked but I saw these cute shakers … one set square with ridges and one set rounded with ridges and thought they would be perfect.  I also raided the craft closet to find ribbons, sparkly bits, and a few other things.  The styrofoam balls came in a pack of 9 at the dollar store also.   These balls come in various sizes so I’m sure you can find the size to fit your glass container.  I also bought this packet of stuff called vase filler, which is tiny white beads.  At the thrift store I found a big zip lock bag full of fake pearls.  I wanted the smaller ones for another project (shared soon) but there were bigger ones in the bag too.

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

I’m working on two sets at the same time.  I filled 2 of the shakers with the little white beads to simulate a snowman/lady body.  I also filled the other 2 shakers with the big pearls for a different effect.

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

The styrofoam heads had google eyes, black beads and a bit of cord glued on for features.  Don’t use too much glue as it will soak into the styrofoam too much.  I glued on some sparkly stars to the front of the shaker.  The lids will become the hats.  I added glue around the rim of one and fastened on some lace for Pep, the snowlady.  I used a circle of black felt under the lid to make Salty’s hat, he’s the snowman.  Pep had some creamy coloured ribbon added instead of the bead string in the photo above.

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

Pep and Salty are ready for the snowy winter season that is coming soon.

Pep and Salty the shaker people from craftygardener.ca

I’ve got the finishing touches to put on the other set, called Sprinkle and Shaker.  These are going to be cute gifts for my friends that love snow people.


shaker friends from craftygardener.ca

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  1. Cute! I guess you can do this with small water bottles too, and it might be a fun project for the kids.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.