How to Make a Gate Tree


How do you turn an old gate into a conversation piece for the garden?  Just add some branches and some rocks and turn it into a gate tree.

I originally made a small rock tree on a piece of wood.  This one measured about 23 cm x 41 cm, which was the size of the piece of wood I used.

making a stone tree at

But I was thinking bigger and decided to use the old gate that was saved when the deck was replaced several years ago.  This is about 1.3 meters tall

the gate tree at

Now it was time to put all the planning and visualizing from the past few weeks into action.   I spent some of the hot afternoons we have been experiencing lately working in the garage.  The gate was laid onto the work table and I started arranging and stapling the branches onto the gate.  I think the nailer is one of my favourite power tools that I’ve been using this summer.

the gate tree at

Before glueing anything down I laid out the collection of flat rocks.  Some of the rocks were purchased a few years ago at the dollar store.  They came with works etched into them … love, hope, believe, truth, and more.   I also collected lots of flat rocks on our walks and travels.  Some of the rocks came back from British Columbia with me last July.

For this project I used Gorilla glue.  You only need a little bit as it will expand to up to 6 times the size.  I learned that lesson the hard way, when I had to chip away some of the glue that had escaped and dried around the rocks.

Once it was finished I stood it outside the back garage door to have a look at it.  I also wanted to make sure all the rocks stayed in place.


Then the decision had to be made … where would it go in the garden?

the gate tree at

… by the lilac tree?

the gate tree at

… in the honeysuckle garden?

I also tried by the back trees, by the shed, and leaning against the side path.  I want it in a place that can be visible from the deck.

I’ve got a few other places in mind … the front shade garden, the trellis garden or the farmyard garden.  The final decision hasn’t been made yet and I’ve been trying it out in the various locations.   As soon as the final place is chosen I’ll share a photo of it.

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    • Crafty Gardener

      The glue has held up really well, gate has been outside for a few years now and I have only replaced a couple of stones.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day.

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