Hunting for Rocks

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Decorating rocks can be addictive. Hunting for hidden rocks can be just as addictive.

I have hidden some of my rocks in various places … in and around Victoria BC, the Cobourg Ecology Garden, in Prince Edward County, in Brighton ON, and on beaches on our travels.

Let me know if you find/see/keep/rehide one of my rocks, either in a comment or in the contact form.

painting trillium rocks at
hidden in various locations around Victoria, BC (Clover Beach, Taylor Beach, The Lagoon, Sidney) April 2019
painted rocks by
hidden and found at Clover Point, rebidden in the Campbell River, BC area April 2019
painted rocks by
daisy and blossom tree rocks hidden at Taylor Beach, BC April 2019
painted rocks by
blossom tree rock hidden at Taylor Beach, BC April 2019

Hidden at the Cobourg Ecology Garden

decoupaged butterfly rocks at
left in the Ecology Garden, Cobourg, Ontario September 2019
my hiding rocks at
hidden at Wellington Beach, October 24, 2019
the top right rock is a rehide from one that I found from Napanee Rocks
rock hunting at
hidden in Brighton, On and Presqu’ile Provincial Park in early November 2019 The big one with the hearts on it is a rehide of a Napanee Rock I found

More of my rock projects:

Some rocks I’ve found can be seen here.

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  1. Crafty Gardener

    from kcjodih via the contact page: I found an amazing snowman with green hat this morning on a bench on main street. Made my crappy month just a little bit brighter! Thank you! I have posted to the Brighton Rocks FB page as well.

    Thanks for letting me know. I love knowing where my painted rocks travel too.

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