It’s Not Here Yet!

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It’s Not Here Yet!

The warm weather!  But then again it usually isn’t at this time of the year, we just want it to be!

It has been a mixed weather week with chilly temperatures, pouring rain, wind, clouds and some sun.

On rainy days I’ve been doing some crochet, trying out a couple of new patterns for dishcloths.  One is called Round & Ridgy and the other is Granny Round Ripple. I like patterns that I call “no brainer” ones that I can work on while watching tv.

2 different crochet patterns for dishcloths at

The granny one is really nice but it needs a bit more concentration from me as I made a mistake and didn’t discover it till a couple of rounds later.  So it got ripped out and I’ll start it again when I’m not watching tv.  The ridgy one is easy and I can see this being my go to dishcloth pattern for awhile.

I usually knit my dishcloths and over the winter made a large stack of them.  Most of these were made watching various curling matches.  I still need to tuck in all those tails.  Now I’m thinking why didn’t I do that as each one was completed.

 knitted dishcloths at

A garden project I have been working on all week is emptying the dirt box as one of the planks came off.  A couple of years ago I had moved the smallest wooden composter beside the plant tables.  This is for dirt storage, not compost as I needed a spot to store the dirt from containers as they were emptied out and this seemed the perfect solution. This also makes it really easy to fill the pots as well.

the dirt box at

As I was filling some big new containers for the plant tables I noticed that one of the back planks has fallen off and as the dirt box was right beside the plant table there was no way to fix it except for totally emptying it and moving it out.  With the one and off rain it wasn’t a job that I could finish in one day but I kept working away at it and now it is empty, fixed and moved over slightly and it is all ready to fill with new dirt that will be amended with peat moss and vermiculite before it goes into the containers.

the dirt box at

Once it was all finished and moved over a bit I added the tool wheel to the front of it.  This has been in a couple of different locations since I made it a couple of years ago out of all the old garden tools.  Beside it is the old tool box that I planted up with sedums.  It looks really worse for wear now after being outside for a few years, in fact the top part has come away from the bottom.   It can’t take much more moving around so perhaps this will be the permanent place for it till it is ready to go to the metal pick up.

The big teacup planters were moved outside all ready to be planted up.  I had the yellow one last year and used it to make my tea thyme planter.  For my birthday this year I received the white one with some of my favourite birds on it.  I’ll probably plant herbs in these as they are in the corners of the gazebo and easily reached from the kitchen door at cooking time.

big teacup planters at

On the rainy days I finally got into Instagram.  I’m really enjoying it and find it a fast and easy way to connect with others.   It also encouraged me to use the camera on my iPhone and iPad more.  I downloaded the PhotoGrid app and can make mosaic/collage images right on my iPad.  Then I can post directly to Instagram or use Air Drop and send the images to all my other devices.  If you are on Instagram I hope you will search me out and follow me.  I’ve already met some new friends on there and re-connected with old friends (not old in the age way but old as I’ve known you for a long time).

I’m sharing these images made with Photogrid with Mosaic Monday.

the gardener side at

The Gardener Side of me keeps my online garden journal to help me keep track of when the plants sprout, bud and bloom

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Sprouting: hyacinths, Egyptian walking onions, ditch lilies, rhubarb, tulips, mini iris, sedum, sage, poppies, penstemon, bleeding heart, iris, hosta, mint, garlic chives, obedient plant, coreopsis, mountain bluet, coral bells, drumstick allium, false spirea, reed carpet stonecrop

Budding: pussy willows, lilacs, honeysuckle vine, honeysuckle shrub, daffodils, trillium, 

Blooms finished: crocus

Trowel & Error: clematis

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