A Juvenile Heron

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On a  lovely morning walk down by the bay at the end of August  we sighted a variety of water birds including the great blue heron, the swan family, cormorants, gulls, Canada Geese and a young heron.  Is it a young green heron or a young black crowned night heron?  My first guess was a young green heron.

The water was extremely low and in one of the ponds where we might see ducks and/or turtles we saw this little bird going from one side to the other.  At first I thought it was a duck as we only saw it from behind but it perched onto a stump and we could see it was a different bird than we had spotted before, a young heron.

For awhile it was fascinated with looking up into the trees.

Just look how those eyes stand out.  And what about all those soft feathers.

Those greenish legs have feet that are like hands for grabbing the branch.

The head feathers look so soft and fluffy.

If we hadn’t seen him move to this position I don’t think we would of seen him as he blends in so well with the surroundings.  I asked Terry Sprague from Nature Stuff to confirm the identification for me.  I had thought a green heron at first but he thought a black crowned night heron.  And then another birder, NewMexiKen, said he thought it was a green heron.  Now that got me more confused.  I’ve looked at so many photos of juvenile green herons and juvenile black crowned night herons I can’t tell the difference. Ken sent me a link and I think my original thought was right so I’m still swaying to the green heron.  But whatever species, we are thrilled with this sighting and naturally took oodles and oodles of photos.  We have since been back down by the bay but haven’t spotted it again.

Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos.

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