Keeping Their Balance

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Viewing wildlife is one of the reasons we go for walks down by the bay.  This year the water levels have been so high due to the heavy spring rains that regular viewing and nesting places have frequently been under water.  But today we saw some mallard ducks and the heron who had found new places to rest.

How do they keep their balance?  They tuck up one leg and perfectly still on the other leg for ages.

This group of mallard ducks had found a napping place on some sunny rocks.

mallard ducks at

The great blue heron thought he was hiding in the rushes, but I got some good photos of him.  I wonder if they alternate legs after awhile to rest the other one?

great blue heron at

These two little turtles were balanced on top of a slippery rock.

turtles at

I just couldn’t resist a close up of the heron.

great blue heron at

And one as he turned his head to see what I was doing.

great blue heron at

The more you look the more you see.

Nature never fails to amaze me.

the gardener side at


Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos.

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  1. Kim

    Oh, brilliant photos! I envy you the heron — I don’t think I’ve ever seen one close enough for a good shot, even with my 30x zoom point & shoot.

    Love the turtles and the ducks too! 🙂

    • We were driving by Reids Dairy today and commented we haven’t seen much there this year. Previously, like you said, we’ve seen great blue herons and green herons there. We actually pass it every time we go into town and I’m always ready to stop for photos.

  2. Myrtle

    Love all the shots you got, Great shots of the heron and the turtles. I haven’t seen a real heron up close, haven’t had the opportunities to have had with your hubby.

  3. I am catching up here lol ! Wonderful photos . We have Herons around us to but they like to stop off in the swampy area near the river by us and it is way to buggy back there for me to get photos but we do have the odd Green Heron that frequents our trees and hides and makes all kinds of funny sounds lol ! The weather is sunny with cool winds , quite pleasant it is . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !
    Elaine recently posted..It Was A Quiet LongweekendMy Profile

    • Love catching the heron with the camera. Weather is not as humid, actually very nice for being outside. Haven’t seen a green heron yet this year, but always looking. I’m finally getting caught up with some online visiting and fixing up my Revelry page (all my knit and crochet projects). I’ve even started 3 knit or crochet projects as I’ve neglected them most of the summer. Not sure if it was lack of ambition or just plain lazy 🙂 💤💤

  4. We’ve seen our heron a few times in the last couple of weeks. For some reason, it disappeared for the longest time. We now have a Steller’s Jay giving us a terrible time at the bird feeders. I’ve had to quit filling the regular ones. He just flicked the seeds out looking for that perfect one. They land mostly in the lake, so the Juncos and chipmunks couldn’t even get the leftovers. I made a twirling bottle feeder that’s helped, but he still runs through the seed fast and the other birds don’t like the new feeder. – Margy
    Margy recently posted..How to Make a Twirling Bottle Bird FeederMy Profile