Knitted Neck Warmer Pattern

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This is not my original pattern but one shared with me over 30 years ago.

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This is not my original pattern but one shared with me over 30 years ago.  There are actually a couple of different versions of a similar looking neck warmer that can be found on the internet. I was able to track the pattern down to a publication by Beehive for a cosy neck warmer, pattern #332.   There is also this pattern, which is most likely one of the originals.  The pattern I have is different to both of these, as mine starts with 26 and theirs starts with 38.  There are other differences throughout the pattern as well, yet they both end up looking the same but I imagine mine is a bit smaller.


Cast on 26 stitches on 4.5 mm needles.  For this one I used worsted weight yarn.

Row 1 – k8, p8, k1, *yf, k2tog* (4 times) yf, K1

Row 2 – k19, turn p8, K2 * yf, k2tog* (4 times) yf, k1

Row 3 k20, turn, p8, k3 *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1

Row 4 – k to end

Row 5 – k20, *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1

Row 6 – k12, p10, turn, k13 *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1

Row 7 – k13, p10, turn, k23

Row 8 – cast off 5 sts, k9, p8, k8

The above 8 rows form the pattern. Repeat 25 times. Cast off.

Stitch 2 buttons on the edge and crochet 2 loops for button loops to fasten.

I always measure the neck warmer around my neck to see if it is wide enough.  Yarns knit up differently and you want to get a good fit. You can adjust the size of the neckwarmer by knitting more or less repeats of the pattern.


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