L is for Lady’s Mantle

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L is for Lady’s Mantle – alchemilla mollis.

This beautiful perennial plant is best known for its leaves.  I love to photogaph the cup shaped leaves after a gentle rain.  The rain drops will bead up on the leaf and slide slowly towards the center.   I have a series of photos I’ve taken, printed and framed, in the bathroom.  Each has raindrops on it … lady’s mantle, hostas, and hens & chicks.

You can see the flower buds forming in the center of these leaves.


The plant gets quite big and round and about 25 cm. high.  There are lots and lots of flower heads that will turn into delicate yellow/chartreuse blooms.


After blooming it is wise to trim off all the flower stems and the plant goes on to provide wonderful foilage in the garden.


The plant blooms in late spring.  The tiny flowers shoot up on tender stems.  It is the perfect plant for along the border of your garden.


Lady’s Mantle is a fairly low maintenance plant  and it grows well in most soil and can be fairly drought tolerant.  It can be grown from seed but small starter plants are readily available from nurseries and garden centers.

ABC Wednesday is up to L.  L for Lady’s Mantle

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  1. How lovely! The raindrops are wonderful, aren’t they? And what a great idea to print a series with the same theme. My bathroom walls are bare, maybe I ought to borrow your idea!

    Enjoy the rest of your week…let’s hope we get only rain, no s-n-o-w!

  2. I have heard of Lady’s Mantle and do believe it would be a good plant to have. I love seeing raindrops on blossoms as well as on leaves. Rain all day here.

  3. Wow, it’s so long ago I’ve been on your blog (if you’re the one who was first on blogspot, like I was first) – this is my newer blog – it’s Jesh StG living in California (with another name so I keep track of which blog I’m on!).
    The leaves are so beautiful – and the water drops on them are stunning!

    • Hello, glad you stopped by for a visit. I used to be on Blogger but have been using WordPress fir a few years now. The old Blogger is still there but just as a link back to here. I’ll pop over and visit your new site.

  4. Since you are a dot com, I tried out and left you a comment on my blog to see if it would transfer to yours (the wordpress dot com’s do), but …no, so I repeat it here. Now I know your name I remember I have you on my fb, so at one time we were often on each other’s blog. Happy to have found you back again!

    • My website is .ca so nothing will transfer to here. It is also self hosted and doesn’t used wordpress in the url. When I go to the actual wordpress.com site I can see your reply. I did have a Facebook page for my site but deleted it once all the changes happened. I am on Instagram if you are there. If you are on either of those places, let me know and I’ll follow along. I think to get your replies on your site I would have to subscribe to them. I have a plugin that will send my replies to the author, if they have provided a correct email address. I’ve added you to my Worth a Visit page (dropdown menu Out & About) to be sure to visit often. It is lovely to connect with you again.

  5. Hope I understand all what you told me about your blog – am old-and-very-slow in understanding interne things, lol! But I keep the email you sent me to get back to you if needed. Once started Instagram, but am never on there, sorry. Anyways, fun to connect again, like you said!

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