‘Eye’m Looking at You

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Last year I started creating some pumpkin heads for the garden.  I’m not in need of the traditional jack o’lantern anymore as we don’t get any trick or treaters at the door.

But I decided that the Fall decorating should include some fun garden related pumpkins.

‘Eye’m looking at you!

'eye'm looking at you at craftygardener.ca

Meet Mr Bits & Pieces was made from some odds and ends I found on the tool bench.  This pumpkin head was easy to make by just pushing the bits (twigs,screws, washers, pvc pipe, a hose tap, and some cabinet fasteners) into the pumpkin.  I used an old bbq skewer to poke the holes for his twiggy hairdo.

Mr Bits & Pieces, the pumpkin head at craftygardener.ca

Ms Chickie is made from hens & chicks of various sizes.

the pumpkin heads at craftygardener.ca

For this one I cut out the top and filled the pumpkin with some dirt to help the plants grow for the next few weeks. I didn’t forget to scrape out the seeds for roasting before adding the dirt.  Using another skewer I fastened the top on like a fascinator hat.

Ms Chickie the pumpkin head at craftygardener.ca

The pumpkin heads are both sitting in the front garden looking out at the world keeping their eyes on those that walk and drive by.

the pumpkin heads at craftygardener.ca

I’ve been trying out a new mosaic site, Fotojet.com.  It has some different choices and the last two images were created there.

the pumpkin heads at craftygardener.ca

Enjoy this gorgeous weekend.

Fall at craftygardener.ca.

We are going for a walk down by the bay to enjoy the Fall colours.

I’m sharing with  Mosaic Monday.

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