How to Make a Driftwood Spinner

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Turn bits of driftwood collected from the beach into a pretty wind spinner for the garden in a few easy step.

It was fun to have the grandkids collect bits of driftwood when we visited the various beaches on our trip to British Columbia in July 2015.

I had seen a lot of driftwood strung together in a window of a store right before we went away and decided that was another project I wanted to do with the grandkids.  French Beach is one of the many beaches that we visited the the kids would happily find all sorts of small bits of driftwood for me to collect.

French Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia July 2015

I sure wish I had room in my suitcase for some of the wonderful large pieces of driftwood as I would do so much with them in my garden.

a collection of driftwood at

It didn’t take long for a nice pile of driftwood to appear, and the best part was it all fit into one of the outside pockets of the suitcase easily.

a collection of driftwood at

At home I sorted it into 2 piles and started arranging them in a line, which rather reminded me of a tree with the biggest pieces at the bottom and going up to the smallest pieces at the top.

For this project you need some pieces of driftwood, fishing line, a fishing swivel and a button.  You also need a thin drill bit and some patience to measure the middle of each piece and drill a hole straight through.  We actually used the drill press to get the holes in each piece of wood.

making a driftwood spinner at

Now it is time to cut a piece of fishing line twice as long as needed plus a bit more for knotting.

making a driftwood spinner at

Thread the button so that it is in the middle of the fishing line and then carefully poke the two strands of fishing line through each piece of driftwood starting with the bottom piece.  When you get to the last piece knot on a fishing swivel.  This will allow the driftwood spinner to twirl gently in the breeze.  The next thing I did was alternate the bits of driftwood so they faced in opposite directions.  You could of course leave them flat as in the above photo and see what happens in the breeze.

a driftwood spinner at

I like the way the alternating pieces of driftwood give the spinner more dimension.

a driftwood spinner at

I’ve got two driftwood spinners to hang on the gazebo or other places in the garden as reminders of the fun times at the beaches on Vancouver Island with the grandkids.

I recently made toonie soap and a garden flag.

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