Making a Shell Wreath

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I’m a collector of many things and one of those things is shells.  I can’t resist picking up shells when we are visiting British Columbia.  Over the years I’ve collected so many in different shapes, sizes and varieties.  Usually they are just stored in a basket on the deck.  But after awhile even the basket gets full and you can’t appreciate the shells.  This year I decided to make a shell wreath out of them.

the shell collection at

The first task was to sort the shells in different types and sizes. I’ve got mussels, scallops, clams, periwinkles, hornshells, mudflat snails, limpets, oysters and more. Then came the part of gluing them onto a wreath form.  The wreath forms came from Dollarama and were 3 sizes for for $4.00

making a shell wreath at

It was just like doing a jig saw puzzle in trying to fit them together.  Starting with one or two of the larger ones glued into place I then started fitting and gluing the others into place.

making a shell wreath at

Sometimes they overlapped and sometimes they butted up against each other.  It wasn’t the type of project that you could put them in place and then step back and take a look and think that one shell would look better some place else.  They had to be glued into place as I worked my way around the wreath form.

making a shell wreath at

Once all the main shells were in place it was time to hold it up and look to see what parts of the wreath showed through and then it was time to fill in the spaces.  Sometimes it didn’t matter if the shell was cracked or a bit broken as it could be fit under another shell.

making a shell wreath at

I had so much fun making the large shell wreath I also made a medium sized one and I have enough shells left over to make a small one.

making a shell wreath at

Now I just need to decide where to hang the wreath.  I know the middle sized one is going to be a gift, for someone who loves shells.  I’ve been trying them out on one of the cupboard doors where you can notice the difference in size.

making a shell wreath at

Shells have been used to create other crafty projects for the home and garden.  A couple of years ago I turned some of the big shells I had collected into shell candles.  This was a fun project to make.

making shell candles at

I also have a shell dangler handing in the garden. (others are here)  This was made several years ago, and not from BC shells but shells collected from other places.  Here it is on a snowy day in the garden along with some other winter whimsy.

the hanging whimsy at

I did cheat a little bit and bought a mixed container of smaller shells from the dollar store to use to fill in the small spaces.  I made sure I bought shells that looked like they were found on the beaches of BC and not exotic looking shells that obviously come from tropical climates.  On our next trip I’ll be finding shells to replenish my collection.

I’ve made many different types of wreaths over the years.  How about you … do you make wreaths?

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    • I did think of that idea Daniel and tried out a few but it just didn’t look right with all the other shells. Perhaps I can use the technique in another project. Hope you are getting out and about to do some photographing this weekend.

  1. Jackie

    I love the shell creations. I have a large collections of shells I’ve gathered over the years and am interested in making some shell danglers. I saved a picture of your danglers as a reference

  2. Love these shell wreaths whoever receives one as a gift is one lucky person. I think I might be inspired to start bringing shells back from our Sunday walks at the beach but it might take me quite a while to gather together enough of them.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  3. You know I love and collect shells too…and sea glass. I haven’t done a shell project in awhile but you are making me want to make a wreath. When you are thrift store shopping, keep your eye out for a big oval mirror. I have one with shells glued around the edges and have it on my coffee table. Looks like something you would like too! Hugs!
    Lavender Dreamer recently posted..Let the FUN begin! Junk JournalsMy Profile

  4. We had a lot of fun in the last week making shell patterns on the beach. But the tides always take them away – which I suppose is part of the joy of doing it!

    Cheers – Stewart M – (back in) Melbourne
    Stewart M recently posted..Still DistractedMy Profile

  5. That’s so pretty! And a great idea too. I have literally buckets of shells in the garage, so I need to try to make a wreath too. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

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