Muffins for the Birds

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There has been lots of activity at the suet feeder lately.  The last time I made the all season suet I used my muffin tins to form the shapes instead of rolling it around in my hands to make small balls.   I also added some black oil sunflower seeds.  They turned out great.  Once the muffin tins were filled I popped them into the freezer for awhile.  When they were frozen into shape they popped out easily to be stored in a zip lock bag.  Delicious bird muffins.

suet muffins for the birds at

When the suet basket needs filling, I just take out 3 bird muffins and pop them into the feeder.

suet muffins for the birds at

It doesn’t take long for the birds to flit in to this feeder once it is hanging outside.  There are …

suet muffins for the birds at

… house sparrows

suet muffins for the birds at

… juncos

suet muffins for the birds at

… the chickadee and

suet muffins for the birds at

… a tree sparrow.

They all seem to like their own bird muffins.

Here is my all season suet and  bird cake recipe.

the gardener side at

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