A Narcissus By Any Other Name …

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… is a daffodil  or a jonquil but the genus name is Narcissus.

So it is N for narcissus for ABC Wednesday.

These lovely spring blooming bulbs come in a variety of sizes and colours.


Bulbs should be planted in the Fall before the frost sets in.


Choose a sunny location with well drained soil.  These daffodils are Double Ice King, originally planted in 2009.


After blooming, leave the foilage and just snip away the spent flower, which allows nutrients to return to the bulb for the following year.  These daffodils are Sempre Avanti, originally planted in 2004.


These daffodils are Double Cheerfulness, originally planted in 2009.

Enjoy their blooms in the spring.  These photos are all from 2012 where spring was ahead of itself.  This year, 2013, spring is behind itself.  The daffs are just a few cm. out of the ground.  We need some sun and warmth to get them growing.

It’s time for ABC Wednesday where the letter this week is N.

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