The Nutty Snowman

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The nutty snowman is a fun craft to make with the kids and grandkids. The supplies don’t cost very much and most can be purchased from the dollar store and the grocery store. You just need a walnut, a hazelnut, some googly eyes, bits of yarn, a black plastic hat, tiny pom poms, a thin marker, white acrylic paint and some glue.The first task is to paint the nuts white.  Be sure to do this early to give them a chance to dry.

nutty snowman1a

Glue the nuts together using either a low temperature glue gun or my glue of choice, Crafter’s Goop.  Wither one dries very quickly.  Glue on the pom poms, eyes and hat and add s smile with the marker.  You need 3 bits of yarn that get braided together and knotted at each end to make the scarf.  If you don’t have pom poms you could use tiny buttons.

These make great little ornaments to hang on the tree or to use as winter decorations.  

nutty snowman2a

If you are having lots of kids visit over the holidays this would be an adorable little craft to make with them so they can take them home to decorate their own tree.

Or how about their own nutty family?

all nuts1

You need a small piece of wood, enough nuts to represent the members of your family, hats and/or pom poms, googly eyes and bits of felt or a thin marker.  The picture basically tells you how it is made.  If you don’t have a dymo letter maker you could use a marker to print on the piece of wood.  I’ve made these with Brownies and Girl Guides and they had lots of fun creating their own nutty family. 

The ice rain continued overnight and will continue most of today.  We haven’t been outside to clear anything away yet.  The coating of snow from Friday is still underneath all the ice so we are hoping it will clear away a bit easier than trying to chip ice off of a clear driveway.

If you were in the path of this storm I hope you are safe.  Many, many people in Ontario are without hydro and thankfully we aren’t one of them.

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