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January always seems to be a time to clean up, sort out, and organize.  It’s a great time to declutter and donate items you no longer need or use.

Once Christmas is all packed away in the boxes for another year it always seems like a good time to tackle other things.  Perhaps it’s because it is cold and not as much time is spent outside.  Don’t take me wrong, we don’t stay inside all of January.  There is nothing like bundling up and going for a bracing walk.

First to show is the spice drawer that got some organizing over the past week or so.  For someone who doesn’t use a lot of spices or seasonings I did have a lot of little bags of various things.  I purchased some spice jars at the dollar store, 3 for $1.50, for the smaller bags of spices and used some old mason jars or fancy jars from jams and marmalades that I just can’t bear to part with.

organizing the seasonings and spices at

I used some extending bamboo drawer dividers that weren’t being utilized to the max somewhere else and put them between the rows of spice jars to stop them slipping all over the place.  I also put the labels on the lids so I could easily see what was what.  In the kitchen renovation last year we had slide out drawers in all the bottom cupboards and now I can easily see what is at the very back without bending over.

organizing the electrical cords and more at

The second organizing job was all those extension cords, power bars and other odds and ends that were tossed in boxes.  And what a tangled mess when you tried to take one out.  On the back of a door in the back basement we fixed a hanging shoe organizer and then started filling the pockets with all sorts of odds and ends.  I’m going get another one for an upstairs cupboard and put in things like batteries, lightbulbs and other things that take up space on the shelves.

organizing the craft closet at

The craft closet went through a change last year as shelves were added and clear shoe storage boxes were filled with yarn, beads and all sorts of other crafting items.  Over the year I use things and tend not to always put them back in the right place.  So the third place that I’ve spent some time organizing was the boxes so that things are easier to find.

The fourth organizing area was the computer desk.

keyboard shelf at

I had a big old computer desk with space for the old computer tower.  I haven’t used a Windows computer for several years so I decided it was time to downsize the desk.  I’m using a desk/drawer unit that was in one of the bedrooms.  A set of drawers sliders were fastened on and wood was added to make a keyboard shelf.  The sliders cost about $5 at Rona and it worked out to be a cheap fix instead of a new desk.  The drawers beside it are now filled with all the desk items, like staplers, paper clips, pens, markers and more.

organizing a sewing/craft area at

I haven’t quite decided whether to get rid of the old desk so for now I’ve got it set up as a sewing table in the same room as the craft closet.  It’s great having everything in the same room.  The bigger surface is great for cutting out patterns or spreading out craft projects.  The keyboard shelf has been converted into a pull our area with all the sewing things that might be needed when working on a project. I used an old cutlery organizer to hold bobbins, scissors, cutters and more.

workbench at

The fifth area to get some organizing has been the work shop in the back basement.  Hubby is a bit like me in that he uses things and then plops them down on the workbench.  He sorted out the pegboard, the shelf unit and the cupboard beside the bench.   Wow, it looks so clean now he can actually use the workbench.  I had better get going on my list of projects that he can help me make.

In a lot of the organizing we did we were thinking outside the box and used items in other ways.  The shoe holder is now a cord holder, the cutlery container now holds sewing tools, the clear shoe boxes in the craft closet are now full of craft items, mason jars became spice containers, drawer sliders were used for a keyboard shelf.

The donation box is full of extra craft supplies and some older tools.  It will be ready to drop of at the thrift store next week.  Have you done any organizing this month?

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