A Crochet Needlecase

a crochet needle case at craftygardener.ca

Here’s how I made a crochet needle case that resembles a little hat.  I received my original one many years ago as a gift one Christmas from a student.  It has had many years of use.

2sDay Robins

2sDay robins at craftygardener.ca

It’s 2sDay and time for photos of two of the same things. What a wonderful surprise to see robins on the last day of January this year.

A Family of Log Gnomes

making log gnomes at craftygardener.ca

How do you spend a wintery day?  Why working on some new garden whimsy, of course.  It all started with a log Santa that I got at Christmas.

Winter Delights – The Birds

exploring the bird house at craftygardener.ca

The bird feeders are busy places and a variety of birds can be found at any time of the year.  In the winter the most common visitors are bluejays, sparrows, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, goldfinches, woodpeckers, doves, and juncos.


making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

Have you heard of a twiddle muff?  I had to look it up the first time I heard of it.  It’s a hand muff (either knit or crochet) designed to be a stimulating activity patients for suffering from dementia.