Partial Albino Grackle

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We had a rare visitor to the flat feeder August 10, 2018 –  a partial albino grackle or a leucistic grackle.  Thanks to help from an online friend Elaine, some bird forums, and internet searches we were able to correctly identify this bird. - a partial albino grackle

The head of a grackle is usually all bluish, but this one has white features throughout. - a partial albino grackle

The eye has the same yellowish circle with the black pupil. - a partial albino grackle

You can see similar features to the common grackle – the longish tail, sturdy beak, and long legs. - a partial albino grackle

Here are a few more shots as it moved to different locations on the flat feeder.  You can see the bluish/blackish tint on some of its feathers. - a partial albino grackle

My husband snapped these photos through the window.  We are hoping to see it again at the feeders.

Here is a grackle photo taken a year or so ago for comparison. - a grackle visiting the garden

I’m sharing with Wild Bird WednesdayI’d Rather B Birdin’ and Saturday’s Critters.  I’ve been missing from these link ups for a few weeks as I’ve had knee replacement surgery.  Things are progressing really well and I’ll soon be back to taking lots of feathered friend photos.

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  1. Nice photos guys . I remember you posted these photos on our FB photography group and wasn’t to sure what type of bird it was I had found it and replied with it was a Albino Grackle which I have never seen before either how cool is that and rare apparently . Hope your knee is healing well and you are enjoying the rest of summer with some well deserved outside time . We are in for lots of rain tomorrow thank goodness as we need it badly . Thanks for sharing , have a good rest of the week .

  2. What an interesting bird to come to your feeder, and how great that you got photos. I’ve never heard of an Albino Grackle. No rain here and we need it so much. Smoke fills the air. Hope your knee is healing well.

  3. Hello, love this speckled face grackle. What a neat sighting. I do not think I have ever seen a leucistic bird, they are interesting. I hope your knee is healing, take care. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thanks also for the comment on my blog.

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