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Who ever would of imagined that you could get lenses for your iphone?  A few months ago I read a review of one on the You Grow Girl blog.  So of course I followed the link trail (as opposed to the paper trail) and checked them out.   Such fascinating little gadgets.   I had to let my daughter and SIL know about them as they are very techno-minded.   Then I forgot about the lens.   Well, imagine my surprise when I opened one of my gifts from them to find one of these little lenses.  What fun I’ve had learning how to use it.


It was easy to attach the magnetic ring to the phone, pop on the lens, and figure out the settings and take some photos.  These lenses come in fish eye, macro, and telephoto.  As you can see mine is the telephoto lens but I’m thinking I would like the macro lens for when I’m out and want to snap a close up photo or more of some flowers or bugs or whatever takes my fancy.


Here is a photo taken from the kitchen door, overlooking the deck and fields to the south east.  It was -14 Celsius with a windchill on top of that at about 7:30 am.


Here is the same photo from the same spot with the 2x telephoto lens on it.  It certainly is a lot closer.  I’m sure I’ll get better at using this lens but it was freezing cold this morning and I didn’t want to stay outside very long.

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