Pot Holder Towels

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Pot holder towels are a great item to make for your kitchen or to give as a gift.  You need one pot holder and one hand towel, both of which can be purchased at various dollar stores.

Find the center of the pot holder and the center of the towel.  Pin together.  The towel will probably be needed to be gathered in to fit the pot holder  Stitch securely.

Fold the pot holder in half, stitch a button on the opposite site to the loop.  You can hang this on your over door, fridge door handle or a hook.  It doubles as a pot holder and a hand towel.  Be sure the towel isn’t wet if using to hold hot items.

These make up very quickly and are great to tuck in with gifts, in a Christmas stocking, or make several all the same and give as a gift on its own.

Make a towel holder ring.


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