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A little bit of garden whimsy to bring a smile to your face.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the weather?  You could customize it to fit your plans for the day.   Unfortunately we can’t and have to take the weather as it comes.  But I have a couple of fun ways that you can tell what the weather is like.   Make one of these simple crafts and hang it outside near a window.  Then just before you are ready to go out, have a peek and you will know what the weather is like.  I usually check The Weather Network for the current weather to get the daily forecast. But sometimes we just need something that is more accurate.

a fun craft to predict the weather at

This weather reporter is made of yarn that is braided. You will need about 45 pieces of 18 inch yarn (4 ply) but depending on the thickness of yarn you use you may need less.  Tie the yarn in the center and fold over, divide into 3 sections and braid. Tie a piece of yarn for the neck and one to secure the braiding at the bottom. Add 2 googly eyes and a loop.

Add this verse and give it as a cute, whimsical gift.

The kids will have fun making this weather reporter. Choose a nice flat, round rock and clean all the dirt off.

a fun craft to predict the weather at

Add some googly eyes to give your rock some character. Put the rock in a nylon netting bag, fasten at top ready to hang outside or lay him flat at the edge of the garden. Add this poem.

a fun craft to predict the weather at

These are fun little gifts that are quick to make. Fasten them to the top of a gift and they always gets lots of smiles when received.

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