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Regardless of the weather the gardens keep growing as May moves towards the end of the month.  There is lots of promising growth.   The gorgeous lilacs are blooming, transplanting is happening, lots of growth of all the plants, and the rhubarb is getting huge.

One of the yuccas from the front garden didn’t look too healthy, probably because it bloomed last year and now new little plants will grow.  I moved it to a bit more sunnier location and while digging it I also dug up a lot of the root.  In an experiment I’m potting up the root and hoping that new plants will grow.  The main plant has been moved to a corner of the windmill garden and trimmed right back with Snipper.

yucca root and transplant at

It is really hard to get a photo while using Snipper, my new cordless pruner by Black+Decker,  on your own.  But I did manage one while trimming the lavender.  It cut through the woody stems with ease and it sure did help my hands not having to constantly have to cut.

Black +Decker cordless pruner

You can see another photo of the yucca after those tough leaves had been cut.  And once that was done you can see the new little yucca plants starting to grow.  I sure hope the transplant and the root grow into new plants.  And here is the lavender after the transplant and good trimming back.  Lots of new growth is promising some lovely smelling blooms later in the season.

the lavender after a transplant and a good trim at

I had moved the clematis into my Trowel & Error section of my garden journal as a lot of the stems broke away from the main plant and it didn’t look like it was going to survive.  After a bit of trimming with Snipper I just left it to see what would happen.   In just a couple of weeks just look at the new growth.  So being optimistic I moved it up into the growing well section and fingers crossed it gives some blooms this year.

new growth on the clematis at

There is more promising growth on the other side of Tom.  Another friend, Cindy, gave me this statue a few years ago and she had called him Tom Saywer for some reason (perhaps because she is a librarian and loves books) so I’ve continued to call him Tom as he sits in the corner of the trellis garden.  Cindy also gave me the yucca plant.  Look at the hollyhocks growing there with big healthy leaves.  I sure hope there are some blooms later this summer.

hollyhocks showing promising growth at

The peas that were planted on May are showing lovely green shoots poking through.  That’s a promise of some tasty peas in a few weeks time.

pea growth at

A clump of yellow daylilies that was over run with grass was also dug up, Once they were divided and had all those grass roots removed they were replanted into a couple of new locations.  After a few days they are doing well, no flopping but growing taller each day.  These daylilies bloom later in June so I’m hoping there will be the promising flower stalks shooting up soon.

transplanting daylilies at

So that is 6 promising growths, one more than needed for sharing with Five on Friday – yucca, lavender, peas, daylilies, hollyhocks, and clematis.

And now a discovery!  I love discovering new plants. This was  by the run off stream as it goes through the wild area of the garden.  Thanks to blog friend, Linda,  who had also found this plant and asked for an ID on Instagram, I know it is a prickly currant.  The delicate little blooms are amazing.  Thanks to the bird or critter that deposited the seeds there.

prickly currant shrub growing wild at

I’m sharing all the promising growth and the lovely discovery of prickly currant with Mosaic Monday   Mosaics were created using Picasa and PhotoScape (both downloads to my computer).

Now I’m off to the garden to pick some rhubarb and that means a promise of rhubarb crumble and stewed rhubarb for the freezer.  There will also be enough for rhubarb cake.

What promising signs of growth have you seen in your garden?

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