Purple Finches Aren’t Purple

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Why are they called purple finches when they aren’t purple?  In fact Roger Tory Peterson said they were sparrows dipped in raspberry sauce.

Purple finches can be easily confused with house finches.  There are various markings and features to compare but I find the easiest is that the house finch has white wing bars and the purple finch has rosy wing bars.

a purple finch at craftygardener.ca

The conical bill is great for seed cracking and they seem to prefer the black oil sunflower seed or the safflower seed.

a purple finch at craftygardener.ca

The purple finches are at the feeders more and more as the weather improves.

a purple finch at craftygardener.ca

They are about the same size or slightly bigger than the goldfinches and some sparrows.  Purple finches are actually a crimson colour.  The name of the species, purpureus, comes from Latin and means crimson or reddish colour.  The info about the name came from the Tales of Birding website.

how to distinguish house finches and purple finches at craftygardener.ca

Have you seen purple finches at your feeders?

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Today’s updated the growth and blooms

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Hardening off: tomato seeds, Peruvian daffodils, elephant ears, tomato plants, parsley, thyme,

Planted: radishes, 4 o’clock roots, 

Sprouting outside: anemone, sorrel, ditch lilies, lady’s mantle, sedum, lovage, stell d’oro daylilies, daylilies, coreopsis, Egyptian walking onion,  lily of the valley,  iris, radish

Budding outside: lilacs, pussy willow, honeysuckle vine, false spirea, rose of sharon,  burning bush, nine bark, poppies,

Blooming outside: pansies, trilliums, hyacinth,  daffodils, tulips, ajuga,  mini iris, violets, yellow iris, sand cherry, solomon seal, bleeding heart, vinca,

Harvest: rhubarb,

Blooms finished: crocus, daffodils

trowel & error: garlic, jack in the pulpit,

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