The PVC Twirler Directions

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The pipe (1/2 inch diameter) comes in a long piece and needs to be cut into 15 cm or 6 inch pieces.  You need 12 pieces and 12 elbows.

1. You start by connecting two pieces with an elbow.  This makes a 90 degree corner or a V shape.  Be sure to push the pipe tightly into the elbow.  You will need another one of these to finish off the twirler at the end.


2. Elbows go on the other ends of the straight up pieces with the open part pointing up from the straight piece.


3. Add straight piece with elbow on the ends facing away.  Do the same on the other side.


4.  Add straight piece with elbow so it would be at a 90 degree angle with bottom straight pieces.  Do the same for each side.  The hole on the elbow points in the same direction as the first v shaped piece.


5.  Take 2 straight pieces and add an elbow at one end and push them into the open elbows at each side, holes pointing up. These pieces run parallel with the bottom v pieces.   Always be sure to push the connections tight.


6.  Add a straight piece with an elbow, hole pointing inward, to each side.  By this time I needed to add a heavy book onto the bottom to keep the twirler from tipping.


7.  For the last bit you make a piece like the very first one with 2 straight pieces and one elbow and it fits into the open elbows.


I held the twirler up and looked to see if any pieces needed to be adjusted.

Now you need to screw in an eye hook onto one corner elbow, attach a fishing swivel and some fishing line and hang your twirler in the garden.  Be sure it has enough space to move around.



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