Quick and Easy Cup Cozy

I’ve been craf-tea with this little pattern … actually I was craf-tea before Christmas but just never got around to sharing it. It just took a little bit of time and a little bit of yarn to make up this cup cozy.  Recently the coffee/donut shop here in Canada started using these brown paper cup cozies on their cups of tea. If you have even had tea from one of these stores you know that it is extremely hot, hot, hot.  They used to give a second cup automatically but with recent changes to their menu they only give a double cup if you ask for it.  I can see why … that extra cup is just going into the garbage or recycling center if available and probably adds up on their costs.  But those flimsy little brown cup cozies they give just don’t stop your fingers and hands from getting burnt from the hot tea while carrying the cup from the counter to the table. So this prompted me to create a thicker cup cozy that can be kept in my bag in case I forget to ask for a double cup.  There is a link to a print friendly version of the pattern at the end of this post. This is a simple pattern and you can adjust the size to fit the cup you usually buy.  I actually bought one of the cups home so I could measure it for a good fit. Using worsted weight yarn and a 3.75 mm crochet hook, chain 42.  Row 1 – The last 2 stitches count as the first dc.  In the third chain from the hook make 1 dc, then make 1 dc in each stitch across the chain, 40 dc in total. Row 2 – Chain 2 (first dc) and then dc in front loops of each stitch across, 40 dc in total. Row 3 – Chain 2 (first dc) and then dc in back loops of each stitch across, 40 dc in total. Row 4 – repeat row 2 Row 4 – repeat row 3 Draw yarn through last stitch to close tight.  Be sure to leave a long enough tail of yarn to stitch up the sides.  As I’m putting this post together I realized I could of crocheted it in the round to eliminate the stitching. With another colour of yarn I did some rows of running stitch around the cup cozy. This size fits a small cup but will also give protection on larger sized cups. It folds flat and fits into my bag so it is always available to slip around my favourite cup of peppermint tea. There is a print friendly version of this pattern here. Thanks to all who left lovely comments on my alpaca scarf.  It is now finished and I’ve been wearing it to combat the dreadful cold weather that has descended upon us once again.  Wind chill warnings are out once again with temperatures dipping to -35 Celsius with the wicked winds we are having. Related Posts:Cozy FeetValentine Cup Cozy