Rain, Sun, Rain

May started with a downpour of rain, so much that we had almost 54 mm of rain in a few hours.  The weather has been chilly but at least there was a sunny day before the next round of downpours arrive later this evening.

On the rainy days I did some reading.  A new series, The Scottish Bookshop Mystery, was started and the first two books have been read. Delany Nichols has moved from Kansas to work in a bookstore Edinburgh Scotland and gets involved in solving various book related mysteries.   I also read a couple more books on the Bibliophile series.

The Scottish Bookshop Mystery by Paige Shelton

The rain is really making everything grow and grow.  It is lovely to watch all the shades of green emerge on the trees.  I was itching to get outside and try out some new pruners I was asked to test.  These are Black and Decker pruners that work on a charged lithium battery.  I did read the directions before using but had to check back through them to find out how to get them to cut.  It was just a matter of getting my fingers co-ordinated and pushing the buttons properly.

Black +Decker cordless pruner

After a couple of clumsy cuts I got the hang of it and was quickly trimming the shrubs and it didn’t take me long to get a pile of branches and twigs.

Black +Decker cordless pruner

They cut through a fair sized branch with ease, up to 1.25 cm or 1/2 inch.  No extra force needed at all.  This turns out to be a good thing for my arthritic hands.  The chromium coated blades are really sharp and were perfect for my various shrubs of burning bush, nine bark, flowering plum, spirea, wegelia and potentilla.

Black +Decker cordless pruner

If you are looking for a new cordless pruner that is easy to use this is one that I recommend and it can be purchased in many Canadian stores.  Is it just me or do the pruners resemble a creature in the pictures?  I can see the mouth (blades) and eye (screw).  I’ll have to give it a name … how about Snipper? Do you have a good name for my new pruners which will be getting lots more action once the rain moves out of the area.

The wren continues to build nests in a couple of different birdhouses.  I wonder if he/she is using some of the twigs from all my trimming. Probably not as the ones they are using are a lot smaller.

the nesting wren at craftygardener.ca

Rainy days are good for repairing things so the faded ladybug got some new paint and a metal butterfly got some repairs.  In between the rain I did little jobs outside.  The owl found a new home, the Sinkville miniature garden got all set up for another year, and some planters were filled with some hardy succulents.

whimsy in the garden at craftygardener.ca

I’ve got the peas already to plant but I’m holding off till the next bout of heavy rain passes, perhaps up to another 70 mm.

I’m not complaining about the rain, even though it might sound that way.  But after such dry, dry conditions last year we really need the water for the fields, plants and wells.   But with so much coming down all at once it is causing some very high water levels which is leading to localized flooding.

Stay dry and think gardening.

Rainy days are perfect to check me out on Instagram.

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

The Gardener Side of me keeps my online garden journal to help me keep track of when the plants sprout, bud and bloom

2013 … 2014 … 2015… 2016 … 2017

Sprouting:   sedum, sage,  penstemon, hosta, mint, garlic chives, obedient plant, coreopsis,  coral bells, solomon seal, lily of the valley, obedient plant, sorrel, meadow sage, 

Growing well: ditch lilies, rhubarb, mini iris, bleeding heart, iris, red carpet stonecrop, Egyptian walking onions, poppies, evening primrose, lady’s mantle, mountain bluet, daylilies, ligularia, ferns,  drumstick allium, false spirea,

Planting: tall peas, Alaska peas, sugar snap peas

Budding:  lilacs, honeysuckle vine, honeysuckle shrub, ajuga, 

Blooming: trillium, hyacinth, vinca, daffodils, tulips,

Blooms finished: crocus, pussy willows,

Trowel & Error: clematis

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  1. Kea

    Those pruners look great! If I had a lot to trim I’d invest in a pair, definitely. As for a name for yours, I’m sure someone will chime in with creative suggestions, though I think your name is fine. I’d probably end up calling it Snippy Snipper. (I’m NOT terribly creative!)

    The wren is so sweet…no doubt she’s using some of your twigs. And in spite of the rain you’ve been productive! I think that if I weren’t working full time, I’d be napping, reading, and watching TV on the rainy days. 🙂

    Take care and stay dry. I didn’t realize we’re expecting up to 70 mm over the next couple of days. No way can my basement stay dry with all of that, on top of the deluge we’ve already had

  2. Funny about the snippers, just before I read your comment I thought they looked like a spawning Kokanee salmon in one of your photos. We humans tend to notice faces in things! We had a hot day yesterday, I’m sure it was over 20 degrees, and in the evening we had an impressive thunderstorm. It’s still warm this morning.
    Nicola recently posted..Two more WIPs whippedMy Profile

  3. That would have been something I would have been interested in but not any more. It looks like a bird to me but I can’t put the right bird name to it. The wrens are so cute peeking out of their new home.
    No end of the rain here but will be lighter at least for the next two days.

  4. Great post Linda, so much information. The pruners look wonderful. I will look in our library for that mystery series. Sweet photos of the wren. Love your Sinkville garden. Must set up one too. I have a large old basin that would be perfect.
    Have a good weekend!
    Robin recently posted..“Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”My Profile

  5. I’ve definitely gotten a lot of mileage from my new rainboots over the last few weeks. This is the first year that I’ve seen such severe flooding across our country, including my own community. I’ll have to recommend the Scottish bookshop mystery to my friend who’s going to Scotland this month!

  6. I still have the big rock I dragged home from the beach at the marina at the south end of the lake, but haven’t painted it to become a ladybug yet. I have a pair of duck shoes like yours that I got at Canadian Tire back in 2002. They are a bit warn and one tie has rotted through, but I still use them for mucky work. – Margy
    Margy recently posted..Riding Pickles on Powell LakeMy Profile

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