Although the calendar says it is spring the days have been chilly, windy, snowy or rainy.   The visitors keep arriving in the garden and are very resourceful at finding something to eat.

The robins arrived at the end of January in a large flock that remains for the winter.   At first there were lots in the garden but lately it seems that just one or two of them have picked our garden to remain in.   We’ve had unexpected snow so far and this robin was very resourceful at finding the greenery baskets on the deck railing and snacking of the sumac plumes.

robins at

Naturally the camera was grabbed and numerous photos were taken through the kitchen door window.

robins at

The red wing blackbirds returned a week or so ago and have been looking for food on the flat feeder and on the ground.

red wing blackbirds at

We’ve had three rabbits visiting under the feeders and filling up on any seed that has been tossed out.  These are late evening or early morning visitors.  Of course it has been a challenge to get all three of them in the same photo without them looking like specks on the ground.

rabbits at rabbits at

These pigeons weren’t in the garden but were spotted while looking out the window on a dreary Friday.  They were across the road and in a field away so the images are a little blurry.  We haven’t seen pigeons in this field since the barn was demolished several years ago.  There is still an old shed standing so perhaps that is where they are staying.  I hope they don’t make their way to the garden as the doves are messy enough.

pigeons at

I’m really glad that the Canada geese don’t land in or visit the garden, such messy visitors.  They have been coming in to spend the night in the farm fields across from us.  Watching them glide in before sunset has been spectacular.   We seem to be on a flight path headed north and these open fields provide food and a good place to spend the night.

Canada geese at Canada geese at

The bird feeders are always busy, especially on the dull days.  The goldfinches are showing a bit more yellow of their summer colours.

at the bird feeders at

  I’m sharing with Saturday’s Critters.


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  1. riitta k

    Wonderful bird photos! We don’t have red wing black birds, how interesting – I knew nothing of them! Many common black birds have spent their winter here… A rabbit comes during the night – and it has cut my young Pimpinella rose bush 🙂 Such is life – happy weekend!

  2. Lovely photos Linda. I especially like the Robin shots, I see Robins so often that I sometimes forget how pretty they are. There’s a Sumac patch behind our house, and the Robins have been spending a lot of time there.
    Yvette Chilcott recently posted..Jalie Raglan Tee 3245My Profile

  3. Eileen

    Good morning, you have some wonderful garden birds there. I love the cute robins and the bunny. Our weather was supposed to be nice today but it looks like they were wrong. Great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Robin

    Hi Linda, the weather has been very trying these last few days. As I type this the snowflakes are coming down.
    Wonderful bird photos! I’ve noticed the goldfinches are starting to yellow up, wonderful to see. I’ve also seen the evidence of rabbits visiting but no actual rabbits!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Hello!:) I’m not sure if this comment will be published as this is my second attempt. Here goes,….Your American Robins are always a treat to see, and I see you have some finches just like the ones that visit my garden, but we don’t get the Red-winged Blackbirds, a lovely bird.
    Breathtaking recently posted..The Southern Red MuntjacMy Profile

    • Hello, glad you stopped by for a visit. Brand new comments are held for moderation so that is what happened to yours. The red wings are lovely in flights as you get to see the full extent of the red bar on their wings. We have gold finches and purple finches visit the garden. If you visit again and comment, it will show up right away now this one has been approved. Enjoy the day and happy bird watching.

  6. Great to see the birds returning to your garden, don’t think I’ve seen the red wing blackbirds before. I hope the bunnies don’t start nibbling when the plants get back into growth. They were a real problem here last year. Keeping my fingers crossed they don’t return.
    rusty duck recently posted..Sydney, The Big CityMy Profile

  7. Kea

    You got wonderful bird and bunny pics! I heard the red wing blackbirds last weekend, but still haven’t actually seen them.

    We’re bracing for freezing rain this morning, not sure if you’re in its path too. I’m longing for REAL spring! 🙂

  8. Thank you for your email, and link to try and solve my posting problem. Fortunately it doesn’t happen on every blog I visit! Thanks again, I hope Google will now solve the matter.:)
    Breathtaking recently posted..NoticeMy Profile