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The birds are busy making nests and I like to help them make them more soft and cozy.  I save all the little bit of yarn that I snip off when finishing a project and fill a suet container with them.  You can also add some dryer lint as it is so nice and soft.  It’s time to get this out hanging on the trees for the birds to find.


The suet basket is full of yarn and some bits of dryer lint.  I hang it outside in the early spring and the birds will take little bits of it for their nests.  You can also put the yarn and lint right onto the ground as the birds also find bits of dried grass from the previous year.   You can also poke it onto the branches of the trees and shrubs around the garden for the birds to find.


This is the birdhouse by the back of the garage and you can see some colourful yarn poking out of the entrance.


The sparrows use this house regularly.  It looks like they have a wee bit too much stuffing for the house.

A lovely gift I received last Christmas was a little birdcage filled with alpaca fleece for hanging outside during nesting season.


The alpaca farms and birding stores sell these just for that purpose.  This one measures about 15 cm high and 8 cm wide.  It’s fun to help our feathered lens friends with their nest building, especially after this winter when there are few patches of open ground right now.

Update:  Hilary left a good comment asking if the bright yarn would attract predators to the nests.  I did go out and pull out all the really bright yarn, just in case.  It was something I didn’t think about as the sparrows that usually take the bits use the birdhouses in the garden.

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