Stained Glass Keychimes

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I’ve been making garden whimsy with old cd’s for a long time.  One o the first things I made was some key chimes.

key chimes made with 2 old cds, fishing line and old keys

Unfortunately the old cds and the weather aren’t good companions and the shine of the cd starts to wear away.  The keys get all twirled together and after awhile it gets hard to untangle the fishing line.  So it was time to repair and upcycle the key chimes once again.

the old cd key chimes at

The old key chime was made of 2 cds glued together, keys and fishing line.  This time I used one of the stained glass cds that I recently made.  Check here to see how I made them using an old cd and some stained glass paint.

how to make a stained glass key chime at

The first thing was to drill some holes in the stained glass cd.  I waited till after it was painted to drill the holes, else they would of been covered over with paint.  There is one hole at the top for hanging and 7 at the bottom to fastening the old keys on.  Fishing line is used for hanging and fastening on the keys.

how to make a stained glass key chime at

I looks lovely on a hook in one of the big hosta pots by the front entrance.

how to make a stained glass key chime at

The plant poke is made of a styrofoam ball and push pins.  Check here to make your own.

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