The winter project list is getting shorter with the completion of another stash granny afghan.  I had 2 on my list, one in blues/greens and one in greens.

These actually started out as granny stripe afghans but I decided after a few rows of each to change to a granny square pattern.  I decided to change after realizing that I had already done 2 stash afghans in granny stripes and it seemed a square one would work up faster than a stripe one and would keep me warmer while working on it over the winter.

stash granny afghan at

The blue/green one had a few balls of variegated yarn and I added in some plain blue and plain green odds and ends.  The other started with a white centre and then used up the little balls of greens, yellows and oranges from other projects.

stash granny afghan at

Here is a bit closer look at the almost finished projects.

stash granny afghan at

I didn’t use a true granny square pattern but used a rectangular granny to get started.  (See middle photo)  If you aren’t sure how to do this stitch, just search rectangle granny and you will find lots of help.

stash granny afghan at

Starting with this stitch made the finished afghan about 110 cm by 100 cm.  I just kept going till I used up all my yarn, so size would be dependent on how much yarn you have to use up.

stash granny afghan at

These will be afghans for the vehicle to be used to snuggle in after the grandkids have swimming lessons or have fun at the beach or just for when they feel chilly.

stash granny afghan at

The mosaic/collage images were created with Fotor this week, which is another free web based program.

Another cross off my winter crafting to do list … towel apronfixing of the gate tree, , gnome logs, fairy pot house, stash afghan in blues, stash afghan in multicrochet twiddle muffneedle casefingerless mittscircle tote bag, driftwood, owl, hair bows.

I’m sharing  with The Really Crafty Link PartyMosaic Monday and  Cooking and Crafting with J & JStash busting party.


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  1. Perfect car/outdoor/grandkids blankets. I love granny squares, and using up stash! How’s your weather? We are getting milder temps in the valley (6-ish) but we went snowboarding yesterday and it was snowing heavily before we left. Still winter!

  2. Kea

    Aren’t they lovely! So intricate — I’m in awe of your patience.

    My favourite afghan is one my mother knit for me decades ago, in a pretty shade of blue. It’s the only thing in blue (other than clothing) I have in the house. It’s my “sookie” blanket. 🙂

  3. Very nice afghans Linda and great plan to have some in the car for when the kiddies need them. You do lovely work Linda.

  4. The idea of keeping afghan blankets in the car for your grands to snuggle up in is so lovely and I had to smile at the thought of googling “rectangular granny”! That winter to do list is getting shorter every week, soon you’ll have o start a summer one.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  5. Good afternoon Linda, I love your Afghans and what is so special is they are made from odds and ends which you already had in your crochet basket. I love creating something from nothing, it always gives me such satisfaction.
    It’s lovely to catch up with you.
    Best Wishes.

    • Hi Daphne, using all my stash up reminds me if all the things I made originally with the yarn. I’ve got quilts made with fabric from sewing projects or clothes that are no longer worn. Each one is special and filled with memories. Thanks for stopping by today.

    • Hi again Daphne, I visited your blog but had trouble leaving a comment. I do have a Google+ account but never use it and when I clicked to add a comment it just kept taking me to Google+ and wouldn’t ket me comment. I’m on my ipad so will check it out on the main computer later.

  6. Your afghans are super and they are great stash busters aren’t they? I have one on the go at the moment which I shared in last month’s post, they are perfect to do while watching telly as no pattern to follow. Didn’t know about rectangular granny’s so will check that out, thanks!
    fiona recently posted..Signs of SpringMy Profile

  7. Linda, Does it not feel good to cross a few things off the to do list? Good for you! The afghans look great! I have made several granny square ones in my day. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.