The Stone Tree

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I’ve been Creative and Crafty lately and I’ve just Created a tree out of wood and stones. It was a simple project to make and will make a great addition to the garden or it can even be used for inside decoration.  It gives new meaning to that saying ‘set in stone’?

All you need is a piece of old wood,  a branch or two and some flat river rocks.  You can Collect your own rocks or you can buy a bag of them from the dollar stores.  I got to use the nailer once again to fasten the branch onto the wood and then used the glue gun to add the stones.

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It was important to Clean off the wood before starting. I always use an old veggie scrubber for projects like this.  I also use the scrubber to clean out bird baths and feeders.  I don’t think it was ever used to scrub veggies.

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I found a lovely old piece of wood with some character to it and I also found a small piece. The bigger piece is about 24 cm x 45 cm. (9.5 inches x 18 inches) and the smaller piece is  13 x 30 cm. (5 x 12 inches)  The little branches were Cut from trimmings at the back of the garden.  The size of the wood is up to you, use what you have or what works best for you.

I used the nailer to add the branches to the wood and these represent the trunk of the tree.  Again you can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

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Then I laid out the stones around the branches to get the look I wanted and then used the glue gun to fasten them in place.

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 I used the flat sided glass stones for the smaller tree on the left and buttons for the one on the right.  I’ve also got bottle caps that might work or anything that is roundish.  You are only limited by your own imagination.  These ones aren’t glued down yet as I was just experimenting as to what to use with the grandkids.  Instead of the glue gun I’ll give them a tube of glue.

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I’ve been trying out the stone tree indifferent locations … by itself, on a table vignette, on top of the ladder planter.  I like it in all the places so I think I need to make some more of these.  I’ve got a bigger version swirling around in my mind too.  So many possibilities. I’ll share it later.

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