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F for Four O’clocks

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

~ 4 o’clocks or Marvel of Peru or Mirabilis jalapa is an annual plant where I live in Canada.  The blooms of many colours usually open in the late afternoon, all night and close up the following morning.  The plant likes full sun and grows just under 1 meter in height.  I’m Canadian zone 5b which is the equivalent of USDA zone 4b.  In warmer climate zones this plant can be grown as a perennial.  I need to dig the root each year and save it in a cool, dark place so that it can be planted the following spring.
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The Gathering is Beginning

Categories: Organization, Seeds, and The Garden 2013.

September arrived with some cooler weather and some thunderstorms and heavy rain.  You can feel the Fall weather heading our way. It is that time of year when I start to leave some blooms on the plants and let them go to seed.  Some fading blooms are left on the plant as they add some height and interest to the gardens in winter, plus the birds, especially the goldfinches enjoy snacking on the seed heads.  But I’m also a gatherer of seeds so that I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers the next garden season.   So out came the
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