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What’s in the Garden? – A

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

This week I’m starting an alphebetical garden tour – flowers, birds, wildlife, whimsy and more. This week itt’s all about A. A perennial Anemone Virginianna, was a nice addition to the garden. It blooms in late June or early July. This anemone is also called thimbleweed and it is a native plant of North America. It can grow up to 80 cm tall so is frequently called tall anemone or tall thimbleweed. I grew anemones from small bulbs but they are tender perennials and you need to dig the bulbs each year.  I’ve done this for several years but it
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A for Angel Trumpet

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

Angel’s Trumpet or datura are members of the Solanaceae family along with brugmansia.  It is a heat loving plant that loves hot days and cooler evenings.This is a plant that I haven’t grown in my garden for a few years, ever since I found out the blooms, leaves and seeds were toxic … harmful to both people and pets.   But last year I had a couple of plants that grew unexpectedly.   Don’t you just love those volunteer flowers?The white blooms are lovely and open towards the end of the day. I love the slight tinge of purple towards the center
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A for Anemone

Categories: Plants.

A is for Anemone. This is a lovely flowering plant in the Ranunculaceae family.  It is related to the pasque flower, which tends to be the perennial plant here.  Anemone means ‘daughter of the wind’ in Greek and they are frequently called Wind Flowers.  I would list them as tender perennials.  The first year I grew them I mistakenly thought they were perennials and would survive the winter.  However they never came back the following spring.  Last year I grew them again but brought the little bulbs inside for the winter.
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