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At The Fly Thru Feeder

Categories: 2sDay and Birds.

The latest feeder is really popular with the birds.  I’m calling it the fly thru feeder as the birds can get right inside to enjoy the seed.  Perhaps it should be fly-thru like the drive-thru restaurants. The downy woodpecker lands on the outside and peer inside. It has mesh all around, inside and out, and there are opening so the birds can get right inside. The grosbeak likes the outside and inside. The young female grosbeak peeks out of one of the openings. The little chickadee flies right to the inside for a snack.  This one is not as clear
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Plugging the Holes

Categories: Birds and Garden Projects.

We have added a new log feeder to the garden for this winter. It’s a piece of birch log with holes drilled in it and then the holes are then filled with my all season suet recipe.  There was a piece of birch branch left over from some logs I have for filling the winter greenery pots.  Holes were drilled in half way for a total of 5 holes around the log and a hole was drilled into the top and a big hook was added.
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Feeding in the Rain

Categories: Birds.

The feeders have been busy places while the rain has been pouring down.  There has been lots of young birds in … perhaps filling up on food for the long flights ahead of them in the coming weeks.  We have had quite a few rainy days this past week … some just light rain and some with heavy downpours. I’ve been trying the different options with the programs I have that create mosaic or collage photos. The birds in these photos are young grosbeak, house sparrow, downy woodpecker, goldfinch, young blackbird and dove. The above one was done with Fotor
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