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Plugging the Holes

We have added a new log feeder to the garden for this winter. It’s a piece of birch log with holes drilled in it and then the holes are then filled with my all season suet recipe.  There was a piece of birch branch left over from some logs I have for filling the winter greenery pots.  Holes were drilled in half way for a total of 5 holes around the log and a hole was drilled into the top and a big hook was added.
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On and Below the Feeders

There is always lots of activity at the feeders in the garden.  This past week we’ve seen the black crowned sparrows, doves, cardinals, grosbeaks and more.  The hummingbirds and orioles have been flitting in and out but I haven’t captured photos of the hummer yet.  It always seems to appear when I’ve got my hands dirty and full of something besides the camera.
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