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Plugging the Holes

We have added a new log feeder to the garden for this winter. It’s a piece of birch log with holes drilled in it and then the holes are then filled with my all season suet recipe.  There was a piece of birch branch left over from some logs I have for filling the winter greenery pots.  Holes were drilled in half way for a total of 5 holes around the log and a hole was drilled into the top and a big hook was added.
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Muffins for the Birds

There has been lots of activity at the suet feeder lately.  The last time I made the all season suet I used my muffin tins to form the shapes instead of rolling it around in my hands to make small balls.   I also added some black oil sunflower seeds.  They turned out great.  Once the muffin tins were filled I popped them into the freezer for awhile.  When they were frozen into shape they popped out easily to be stored in a zip lock bag.  Delicious bird muffins. When the suet basket needs filling, I just take out 3
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