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Peanut Mail

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Several years ago we converted an old rural mailbox into a bird feeder.   We had put it down on an old tree stump and put a few peanuts in it thinking the chipmunk would like it, but to our surprise the bluejays started going into it to get the peanut mail. It should of been no surprise that the bluejays would source out the peanuts.  So we mounted the old mailbox onto a post and set it up as a permanent feeder station. Here is the bluejay swooping into the mailbox.  I love this photo as it shows the
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What’s in the Garden? – B

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The garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with B. One of my favourite spring blooms are the bleeding hearts.  This perennial plant loves the shady north facing gardens.  The plants get very big and are covered in pink or white blooms.  There are lots of other plants that start with B – beeblam, begonias, bluets and boxwood to mention a few. The bluejays are noisy, year round visitors to the garden.  They love the peanuts and loudly squawk to let you know they are arriving at the feeders. I grow lots of veggies and herbs that
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