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These Peanuts Are All Mine

On Wednesday it was a rainy day and we didn’t do anything outside.  I had the tripod set up by the back door and the feeders had just been filled the night before.  Even though we have birds all year round at this time of the year it seems more of them are returning to our area for the winter months.  You could hear the bluejay squawking its loud call, so I knew it would be in and around the feeders for awhile.
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At the Peanut Feeder

The peanut mailbox was empty so the bluejays went to the round peanut feeder.  I don’t see them at this feeder very often, yet the bird store said it was a bluejay magnet.  It is frequently by the chickadees, nuthatches, juncos and woodpeckers most of the time. The bluejay chose a time when there were hardly any peanuts left.  But he was persistent. These photos were taken through the kitchen door (which has a full length window).  He appeared to be looking at me while I aimed the camera. He seemed quite happy to strike several poses for me. …
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