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January 2018

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January has been a mixture of weather so far … mild, rain, ice rain, snow, frigid temperatures, a thaw and there is still half a month to go. We arrived home from British Columbia on a mild day, which got even milder the next day with temperatures of 11 Celsius.  There was snow everywhere and we got the paths dug out around the garden to the various bird feeders.  But on Thursday night and Friday morning the temperatures rose more and just about all of the snow melted away.  It was a really foggy day and as the day went
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A Busy August

Categories: The Garden 2017 and What's Been Happening?.

  On a really humid and muggy day when we are having thunder storms and heavy rain pass through I’m taking some time to share some August activities.  It’s been a busy month of day trips, reading, crochet and some gardening.  I’ve been neglecting my garden journal so it is a good day to catch up. We went to visit the grandkids at the trailer and did lots of dipping for sunfish off the dock.  We’ve also been out on some lovely backroads drives especially into The County.  We visited Mount Pelion, Cherry Valley, Picton and The Unconventional Moose in
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