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Boots and Bumbershoots

Categories: Garden Projects, The Garden 2018, and Whimsy.

~ Bumbershoot is the old fashioned name for umbrella. I love unusual words.  I decided to turn that umbrella upside down, add some spring things and make a bumbershoot display instead of the traditional wreath.   I have several umbrellas but didn’t want to use one for the display because I will most likely need it for those rainy days that will be coming soon.  A trip to the dollar store is always fun and this time I was looking for an umbrella.  I had recently purchased some forsythia branches thinking I would do a wreath.  I added some ribbon that
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Storage for Muddy Boots

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

Wondering what to do with your boots after a day of working in the garden, especially on those days in spring when the gardens are squishy and muddy? Don’t just leave them on the deck and have them get wet inside if it rains. Build this stand for your boots and you can leave them outside in gardening season. My husband made this one for me a few years ago and it has been keeping my boots dry since then. I keep it right by the back door so that the boots are easily accessible. A plus is, when the
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Think Outside the Pot!

Categories: Container Gardening and Succulents.

I love to plant in all sorts of things and not just flower pots.   You just have to let your imagination get creative and you can find all sorts of things to plant in around the house, at flea markets, at garage sales and in thrift stores.   The containers can be big or small depending on the type of plant you want to put in it. One of my favourites is an old washing machine tub that my husband brought home one day.  It already had lots of its own drainage holes.  Now when it is filled with
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