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Changing the Bottle Tree

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Whimsy.

~ I have had a whimsical bottle tree in the garden since 2014 and it has gone through a few changes.  The original was a lilac tree that just decided to stop growing, so I trimmed it to become the first bottle tree.  I loved it but eventually the bush rotted out at the base and it fell down.  I had grown beans and morning glories up the frame as well and it looked so pretty. I tried a couple of ideas when relocating the tree and finally settled on the corner of the fence garden.  We had used branches
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The ‘Glory’ous Bottle Tree

Categories: The Garden 2015 and Whimsy.

Have you ever visualized a garden project and then had it look just like you thought it would?   Last year I could see the bottle tree covered in morning glory vines and looking ‘glory’ous.  Right now the morning glory vines have climbed up and around the branches and bottles and it is just the way I thought it would look.
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It’s “Bean” a Lilac Bush …

Categories: Vegetables and Whimsy.

… and now it’s a bottle tree bean support!   One of the lilac bushes didn’t survive the winter and even though I talked nicely to it, trimmed off some broken bits it still didn’t give off any buds.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to trim it right back and try to use the trunk and branches for something else.  I’ve seen bottle trees at various sites on the internet so wondered if it could be converted into one of those.  But then I needed to find a place for the pole beans to climb up …
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