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Braided Wire Coat Hangers

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~ Old crafts are becoming popular again. Do you remember the old craft of braiding long strips to make a cover for a wire coat hanger?  The original material was Nylotex or Phentex, a stretchy, nylon material. I’m not available in stores, but it does turn up in thrift stores from time to time.  You could use long strips of material or even extra wide ribbon. This has proved to be one of the most popular posts on my site … an old craft that is becoming popular again.  I have a pattern available to print that is my version of
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Braided Wire Covered Coathanger Pattern

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With the print friendly option you can choose how much or how little you want to print, just mouse over the text for the option to delete. Images can be included or not. The original idea and pattern by Qualicraft.  A version of the pattern was shared by SusieQ on a crafting bulletin board several years ago and I have tweaked it to be a bit more user friendly. Please do not sell this version of the pattern or post it on other sites as your own. Share the link so others may visit and enjoy this craft from days
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