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150th Birthd-eh!

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July 1 is Canada D-eh. It’s our 150th Birthd-eh We are very proud to be Canadians and over the years I’ve made various bits of Canadian garden whimsy. You could make a Canada flag from rocks. Canada flags from material strips were quick and easy to make.  The original idea used a coat hanger, which I tried but I didn’t like the way it looked.  I also tried one on a twig but it never seemed to hang straight.   So I had these mini flag stands in the garage and while decorating the garden this spring I decided to
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A Bit of Flag Whimsy

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  Even though I haven’t been posting much I’ve been busy creating crafty things for the garden.   One of those things was a Canadian flag made using odd bits of material and a coat hanger. Judith shared a shabby chic flag that she made and it got my mind thinking about making one.  Last year I made some garden flags with the grandkids and they turned out lovely and now flutter in various spots in the garden.   I decided to use paint again and some bits of material from the craft closet from other projects. I love it
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Canada D’eh

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July 1 is Canada D’eh. I love the play on words for day.  Do you really think Can’eh’dians say eh a lot? It’s July 1st and the day that Canada celebrates its birthday. This year, 2013, Canada is 146 years old. Celebrations are held across the country, some grandiose and some small. One particular memory that stands out in my mind is from 2008 when we were taking the Via Canadian train across Canada to visit family in British Columbia.  We just happened to be on the train for Canada Day.  Celebrations on the train included a huge cake…  decorated
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