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Searching for Sea Glass

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~ While walking the beaches in British Columbia my eyes were always on the lookout for sea glass.  My quest on this trip was to find sea glass in various colours and sizes. Sea glass can be found on just about any beach but there seemed to be two in particular that yielded the most. It makes you wonder why?  The photo above shows the beach areas at Clover Point in Victoria (top image) and the Glass Beach in Sidney (bottom image). These were two of the best places to search and find and of course the best time was
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How to make a Sea Glass Candle

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It was so much fun collecting sea glass at the various beaches while in British Columbia.  I now have quite a collection of different colours and sizes.  I wanted to make something fairly quickly to have out as a reminder of our fantastic trip.  The first project I opted to make was a sea glass candle. You can make this with an empty candle jar with a tight lid, a small glass votive jar, a candle and some sea glass. Place the votive glass holder inside the larger jar. I didn’t worry too much that the glass votive came just
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