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What’s in the Garden? – C

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

The alphabetical garden tour this week shares wha’s in the garden starting with C – birds, plants, whimsy and more. My favourite bird has to be the cardinals that visit all year round.  This link will take you to lots more cardinal photos. Lots more birds that start with C visit the garden … crows, cowbirds, cedar waxwings. And then there are those adorable little chickadees that flit in and out and really are people friendly.  They cheer up the garden in winter. There are lots of lovely plants beginning with c … coreopsis, cosmos, clematis, calendula, celosia, coneflowers, coral bells,
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Cardinal in Flight

Categories: Birds.

It is always a joy to watch the feeders just after they have been filled.  It seems the birds are waiting in the distance for the noise as the food goes into the feeders.  They appear shortly after the task is complete and provide some wonderful photo opportunities. The female cardinal was enjoying the safflower seed when along came the male, all decked out in his brilliant red, and swooped in to get that tasty seeds as well. I’m sharing these lens friends with I’d Rather B Birdin’, Weekly Top Shot, Best Post of the Week and Wild Bird Wednesday
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