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Look Who is Out!

On Thursday of this week I looked out the kitchen window and to my surprise I saw the resident chipmunk at the base of the bird feeder.  The camera was ready and I was able to get several good photos of this little lens friend. Chippy was getting his/her fill of the black oil sunflower seeds dropped by the birds. Just look at those back feet. The claws are really long as he/she has been sleeping all winter.  Perhaps once Chippy has done some climbing they will wear down a bit. Are those cheek pouches filled with seed? Perhaps he/she
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Chipping is Digging

Do you have a love hate relationship with the chipmunks that reside in and around your garden?   I love to watch their cute antics but I hate it when they dig in the pots I’ve just planted with fresh seed.  Our resident chipmunk is always bounding around the garden and stuffing its cheeks with seeds and peanuts.  I sometimes think he has more seeds and nuts stored in his home than we have in the seed bins. Recently I caught the Chippy busily digging in a pot I had just emptied of onions. Did he suddenly remember that he
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