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Festive Tea Bags

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~ Cookie cutters aren’t just for making cookies.  I used them as a template to make festive tea bags.  These little gifts can be tucked inside a greeting card to send a cup of cheer to the recipient. You need the flat coffee filters that can be bought at dollar stores, some of your favourite loose tea, cookie cutters for templates and your sewing machine.  Be sure the cookie cutters are medium sized ones.  If they are too small, as the tree one in the picture was, it makes it difficult to get the tea inside.  I ended up folding the filter and
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Christmas Tea

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Crafty is being craf-tea. When it comes time to mail out your Christmas cards,  why not include a cup of Christmas tea to share with your family and friends that are far away. This is a simple, sewing craft  to send some holiday cheer.  This takes up very little space inside the card and usually doesn’t add to the cost of the postage. Take one of your favourite tea bags. My favourite is Stash tea as it comes individually wrapped and fits so nicely into my tea chest.  You can buy many varieties of Christmas tea, which usually come 18 or
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