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What’s in the Garden? – O

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

~ O-o-o-o what did I find in the garden that starts with O for this week.  I’m really enjoying this alphabetical gardening challenge each week. The gorgeous orange orioles are frequent summer visitors to the garden.  I make nectar for them but never add any colour.  They also love slices of oranges and will peck at them for nourishment. Blobs of grape jelly are a favourite of theirs too. We had lots in the spring of this year but now they have left for a better climate. orioles I’ve made a grape vine obelisk for the garden.  One year I
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C for Cosmos

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

  Cosmos are a beautiful tall, annual plant for the garden which produce a multitude of blooms in many colours. They prefer full sun and rich soil. Cosmos are the perfect plant for the back of the garden. Each year I grow these plants from seed that I have saved the previous year. They will also self seed and I will find surprise plants growing in various places of the garden. Deadheading the flowers keeps them in continual bloom from July to first frost. At the end of the growing season let the spent flowers go to seed. When dry
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