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The Hanging Mesh Feeder

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For my birthday I received this lovely whimsical hanging mesh bird feeder.  As that was back in March it has been hanging in the third bedroom, which is also my sewing room.  A few weeks ago I got it hanging in one of the cedar trees so that it is visible from the deck. The top of the feeder has a metal cut out bird and it has been decorated with goldfinches, bugs and other nature items.  So it was very fitting that the first birds to find and enjoy this feeder were the goldfinches. At first they were a
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The Cowbirds

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~ The brown headed cowbirds are a smaller blackbird.  Their name comes from the fact they they will follow herds of cows eating the insects that swarm around the cows.  They aren’t a bird that I love to see in the garden, but they arrive anyway.  But they are good for photo opportunities. They arrive in large groups and will fill the flat feeder or cover the ground under the feeders. The female is the brownish colour.  They can lay many eggs in a season, not in their own nests, but in nests of other birds. Their beaks are almost
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