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The Tea Time Tree

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Saylor House, built around 1875 is a wonderful cafe in Bloomfield, Ontario with a lot of history.  Walking down the driveway takes you to the cafe in what was originally the drive shed.  Here you can sit and enjoy your meal inside or out on the deck or at one of the several tables in the garden.
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Creating a Teacup Tree

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I’ve been working on new garden whimsy project.  It started with a teacup planter that I purchased recently and it will have some cute crochet teacups displayed in it. I did a fair bit of experimenting with a pattern before I got what I think is right.  Thank goodness crochet is forgiving and on a small item like this it was easy to unravel and try again. Join a chain of 4 into a circle. Chain 3 for the first double crochet (dc). Do 15 dc into the ring to make a total of 16 dc.  Join. To start the
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Never Ending Cup of Tea

Categories: Craf-tea, Garden Projects, and Whimsy.

Here is another of my craf-tea ideas for using an old teapot, a cup and saucer and a piece of marble. The slabs of marble were a find from my husband. I’ve got green, pink and blue. The teapot and dish were given to be my a friend who knew I would come up with something creative for the garden. The cup and saucer were from a garage sale a long time ago. There were several that came in the set and the others have already been made into teacup feeders and planters. This was a simple project to put together using Craft
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